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Inside Zynga's Office of the Future

Inside Zynga's  Office of the Future
Movable walls, office pods, and movie theaters—futuristic offices are springing up in San Francisco. We visited the new Zynga Games HQ in Mid-Market to get a closer-look.
Inside Zynga's  Office of the Future
All those levels lead up to the roof, which is retractable. When the temperature dips below 63 or there is so much as a sprinkle of rain, it closes. Zynga, the creator of mobile games like Farmville and Words with Friends occupies 430k SF of the 670k SF building. It also owns the building, which is vertically segregated to separate Zynga from its very different neighbors, which Cushman & Wakefield manages.

Inside Zynga's  Office of the Future
We snapped CREW’s Helene Sautou, Lada Kochervosky, and Michelle Jones, who led the tour along with Zynga the dog. (The company was named after CEO Mark Pincus’ real-life canine.) Zynga, which went public in December, bought the 20-year-old building in March from TMG and Farallon for $228M, and NicholsBooth Architects outfitted it to the company's specs, creating a vibrant atmosphere for artists to work in, complete with bountiful whiteboards. (Which is odd, since we usually play their games huddled in crowded trains or under the cover of bedtime darkness.)
Inside Zynga's  Office of the Future
Each game Zynga produces has its own studio with a themed kitchen, including a refrigerator stocked with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Want to learn karate? There’s class every day in the dojo. Movie fans can take in new films at a 99-seat theater (complete with red velvet), and those with achy muscles can sign up for an onsite massage. Want to learn more about futuristic offices? Bisnow’s Office of the Future event is in September. Stay tuned for details.
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