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City of Hope's Field Trip

San Francisco

Yesterday, members of City of Hope’s Northern California Real Estate & Construction Circle were at its main hospital campus near LA in Duarte. They toured the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center, the Helford Clinical Research Hospital, and the Japanese and rose gardens (below). Board members heard from esteemed clinicians and researchers who, with the support of the council, work to eradicate cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS using less toxic and more curative treatments.

The council recently picked Wilson Meany's Chris Meany as the 2014 Spirit of Life Honoree, which recognizes a philanthropic person at an annual gala; this year it's April 29. Chris is also speaking on Bisnow's State of the Market event on Jan. 29. Above, our Mike Martinez is fourth from right, rocking his shades in SoCal. The field trip's real estate dream team also included reps from Kilroy, Brereton Architects, Plant Construction, CH Sustainable Commercial Real Estate, Equity Office, Pankow Builders, Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Nibbi Brothers, McCarthy Building, Ronin Consulting, and Norden Consulting. Who was running this town yesterday?