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5 S.F. Spots for Real Estate Power Lunches

    5 S.F. Spots for Real Estate Power Lunches

    Everyone knows real estate deals get done over burgers and salads. That's why we compiled five top spots around downtown that are sure to be the next setting for signing over the dotted line.

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    1. The Splurge

    1. The Splurge

    Restaurant: Boulevard

    Address: 1 Mission St

    Signature Dish: Dungeness crab  salad and Quinalt River salmon.

    Also known For: This waterfront mecca for pricey bites since 1993 will soon welcome the Commonwealth Club as its neighbor.

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    2. C'est Bon!

    2. C'est Bon!

    Restaurant: Cafe Claude

    Address: 7 Claude Ln 

    Signature Dish: Assiette De Charcuterie, Mussels Provencal 

    Also known For: This indoor/outdoor alleyway gem, wedged in the middle of the Financial District, is the closest thing you're going to get to vintage Paris during a one-hour lunch break.

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    3. Beers and Burgers

    3. Beers and Burgers

    Restaurant: The Royal Exchange

    Address: 301 Sacramento St

    Signature Dish: This sports pub serves up a killer burger (pick from the Bear or Bull Market sizes).

    Also known For: Lots of real estate execs to network with and sports on TV.

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    4. Dim Sum

    4. Dim Sum

    Restaurant: Hakkasan

    Address: One Kearny St

    Signature Dish: Pan-seared vegetable Shanghai dumpling

    Also known For: This Asian eatery is famous for its elaborate dinners, but a quick three-course lunch menu dubbed "Taste of Hakkasan" leaves time for speed negotiating without breaking the bank.

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    5. The Classic

    5. The Classic

    Restaurant: John's Grill

    Address: 63 Ellis St

    Signature Dish: The seafood-infused Jack LaLanne salad, named after the fitness guru who celebrated his golden years at the restaurant.

    Also known For: This longtime legend in Union Square welcomes local celebrity types like Willie Brown and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

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