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Limits Will Restrict Mission District Projects Into Next Year


San Francisco's planning commission has put limits in place for new development in the Mission District, whether market-rate housing, office or retail.

Under the "interim controls" in place for the next 15 months, any projects not already approved that would remove one or more rent-controlled units or include more than 25 residential units or 25k SF of non-residential space would need special permission from the planning commission to proceed. The planning commission put out a detailed list of new requirements projects would have to meet to get authorization, according to SocketSite.

The requirements do not apply to projects outside of the interim control boundaries (shown in the map above), residential projects with at least 33% below-market-rate units or PDR developments. Voters shot down a proposed moratorium on building market-rate housing in the Mission, in part because of concern that limits could cause housing costs to rise across the board by limiting supply. [SS]

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