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Technology Takes Construction To The Next Level

Experience is invaluable, but when it comes to leveraging technology to reduce cost and ensure timely delivery at construction sites, young teams like Level 3’s excel.  

They've grown up with technology and are immediately comfortable with it. This ambitious group is at the vanguard of accelerating technology's adoption by demonstrating its clear benefits, revolutionizing industry best practices.


Construction sites are far from hospitable environments for fragile devices, but improvements in durability and portability have made technology easy to integrate into construction. This has in turn led to development of increasingly sophisticated software designed specifically for the sector.

For a midsized company like Level 3, tech can be a key differentiating factor. When construction companies use it, they show the type of competency and modernity that attracts new business and wins lucrative projects.


Incorporating technology into today’s evolving project management practices guarantees team members are accountable. This sense of ownership leads to higher-quality final products.

One tool teams can use is the Procore app. “Each of our clients receive a login and password to access their project through the Procore app on their smartphone, which keeps them informed of the project’s progress. Everyone appreciates this transparency, which prevents unforeseen delays,” says Level 3 VP John Gonzalez.


But the largest benefits of the app are internal. The app is extremely user-friendly, which appeals to veteran managers who distrust digital tools.

The removal of paperwork is a tremendous boon, streamlining the process. It eliminates the need for office personnel and lets employees spend more time on-site, cutting costs. There are no stacks of paper or filing cabinets to dig through, it’s impossible for things to get lost in translation and communication is instantaneous.


Photos are easily uploaded and provide site visuals, avoiding time-sucking, inefficient correspondence.

Level 3 also uses highly specialized devices like the Knaack data vault, a mobile office that secures digital assets on the job site. The team also is excited about Google Glass, a VR product that can combine with and enhance Procore.


Since its team has more tech in the field than some dated companies maintain in their offices, we expected the Level 3 HQ to have a level of technological sophistication commensurate with what it utilizes on-site, and it does not disappoint.  

The polycom system recently installed in Level 3's soon-to-be-completed office renders it a virtual Batcave. Construction is the perfect application for this videoconferencing and digital collaboration system, which integrates with devices and software used in the field to provide support to teams working on various projects and updates to those in the office.

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