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San Diego Rolling Out One Of Largest Internet Of Things Platforms In The World

San Diego skyline

At the forefront of the Smart City movement, San Diego is about to roll out the largest city-based Internet of Things platform in the world. The city is partnering with GE to upgrade 1,400 traffic lights to LED and integrate the traffic light system into a connected digital network, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said at a press conference Wednesday. Deployment of 3,200 smart sensors will enable the network to optimize parking and traffic, enhance public safety and track air quality.

The traffic-light system, which ultimately will involve 160 miles of surface streets with 75,000 traffic lights, will be connected to a digital network that can optimize parking and traffic, enhance public safety and track air quality. GE’s digital engine for intelligent environments, called “Current,” is designed to create intelligent environments for commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

The network’s 3,200 smart nodes use real-time anonymous sensor data to direct drivers to open parking spaces, help first responders during emergencies, track carbon emissions, and identify intersections that can be improved for pedestrians and cyclists. Information collected will support San Diego’s “Vision Zero” strategy to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

Above is a video from the city on how some of the technology would work.

The network can be expanded to another 3,000 points in the future. The sensors generate anonymous information that can be used by software developers to create apps and software that benefit the community.

This smart network will help the city attain goals set forth in the Climate Action Plan adopted last year. The Adaptive Control System is an advanced SDG&E-approved “meter” that captures real-time interval data, monitoring and notifications for maintenance purposes. Over the life of each fixture, the system automatically ramps up power as needed to meet specified lighting standards.

San Diego is one of 10 global cities featured at the Smart Cities Summit last year as an innovative city and was the only U.S. city and one of only four cities globally featured in a recent National Geographic documentary series on the “World’s Smart Cities.”