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Petco Park Employing Qualcomm Smart Technology To Cut Operational Costs


Smart technology developed by San Diego-based Qualcomm and San Leandro, CA-based OSIsoft could reduce Petco Park’s operating costs up to 25% over the next five years. At least that’s Petco’s sustainability goal, according to senior director of facility services Randy McWilliams.

Petco is one of three demonstration sites for Qualcomm’s smart cities technology, which links sensors together to provide immediate and detailed data about utility usage. The technology has been installed at the phone chipmaker’s own campus and is being used to monitor infrastructure at San Diego International Airport, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Kiva Allgood, who heads up Qualcomm’s smart cities programs, said his company wants to take this same architecture to other large-scale venues to help them achieve higher sustainability goals. Qualcomm is among big companies, like Intel and Siemens, expecting the Internet of Things to generate a quantum leap in smart technology growth.

A ballpark, or any large venue that goes from empty to full in a matter of a few hours, is difficult to manage, as most were built before sophisticated instrumentation and control systems to monitor utility usage were common, according to Qualcomm. The technology involves “edge intelligence gateways,” which are boxes that collect sensor data using wireless and wired-line technologies. The gateways send sensor readings on power and water use to OSIsoft’s data center, where it is reported in real time.

For example, rather than monthly reports, the system shows stadium officials how much water is being used on field irrigation, in bathrooms or at concessions during any game or event. This data allows Petco management to pinpoint high-usage areas and then work with operators and concession tenants to manage usage and increase the reliability and overall performance of the venue, McWilliams said. [SDUT]