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Bario Logan Becomes a Destination

San Diego Retail

You may have already heard of Bario Logan, an up-and-coming experiential retail market. (If not, we promise not to tell anyone about your unexperiential shopping habits.) Cushman & Wakefield’s Aaron Hill singles out one part of the market in particular, Mercado del Barrio, just under the Coronado Bay Bridge. The construction of San Diego Community College next door to the site (look for it in 2015), is driving the area’s growth, he says: "The community college’s parking garage will be on the opposite side of the Mercado project, so all of the students will literally be traversing Mercado Del Barrio and its retail businesses on a daily basis.The additional traffic will be transformative."


The area is already becoming more experiential, with architects, marketing agencies, and law firms locating near a Mexican roast coffee house, a barrio winery, new restaurants, and a tattoo/barber shop. Shea Properties’ Mercado del Barrio consists of a 36k SF Northgate Market, which anchors the center, along with 12k SF of space at the corner of Main and Cesar Chavez. Another building on the corner of National and Cesar Chavez will accommodate 35k SF of street-level retail with 92 affordable apartments. Vista-based brewery Iron Fist Brewing Company is coming to Mercado Del Barrio in early 2015; Aaron repped Shea in the deal.