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Your Next Tenant Amenity: Car Charging Stations


Property owners and managers are competing for tenants with every amenity imaginable, and electric car charging is on top of that list. NRG eVgo VP Terry O’Day says electric car charging stations in multifamily and office parking lots are in high demand and are becoming a must-have amenity. Terry tells us that in Santa Clara County, 10% of all new vehicles registered last year were plug-in, and today there are over 300,000 plug-in vehicles on US roads, with many new car models coming in the next two years. For a limited time, NRG eVgo is upgrading apartment buildings and workplaces across California to make the electric vehicle lifestyle a possibility for everyone, at no cost to the property owner. Submit your request by June 30, 2015, before this offer expires. For more info on our Bisnow partner and to take advantage of this offer, click here.