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Citizen Objections To Terramar Beach Plan Delay Improvements


The City of Carlsbad is planning improvements to its favorite beach neighborhood, but city officials are still seeking feedback from residents. Terramar Beach (pictured) is favored by runners, surfers and other beach lovers. The Terramar Area Coastal Improvement Project is focusing on the beachfront area along Carlsbad Boulevard, known locally as Highway 101, near the intersection of Cannon Road.

Proposed improvements include sidewalks, crosswalks and roundabouts aimed at slowing down and improving traffic flow, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Many residents think the plan needs more work. While installing roundabouts could slow traffic, some residents contend they’re dangerous for cyclists. The proposed sidewalks are a welcome addition, but residents oppose proposed parking on the east side of the highway because it would block the view of residents pulling out of their driveways.

The city is looking for more resident input before getting underway. This is expected to delay start of construction on improvements until late in 2017, with completion in summer 2019. [SDUT]