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What You Don’t Know About Stacey Pennington

San Diego Other

Position: SLP Urban Planning principal
Background: Involved in planning, design, community engagement, and development in Downtown San Diego for about 15 years, with a master’s in urban planning for Harvard. Received the Harvard University Frederick Sheldon Traveling Fellowship to research sustainable innovative housing delivery systems and communities in the UK and the Netherlands.
Picture taken: With my son Beau on his first day of preschool (this month).
Recent projects: I am the urban planner for Makers Quarter, a five-block area within the IDEA District in Downtown San Diego. I worked on Lane Field, a waterfront redevelopment in Downtown, as the urban planner and public outreach consultant. 
Favorite song: "KC" by Matt Pond
Favorite musicians: The Magnetic Fields, Lorde, Editors, The Killers, and James Blunt
Favorite vacation: Childhood memories of family summer vacations in Lake Tahoe
Favorite author: I love Jane Austen. And Shakespeare
Favorite food: Anything spicy—jalapeños on pizza, burritos, burgers; and crushed red pepper on just about anything.
Startling facts: I love great buildings, open spaces, and cities, but I’ve been known (by close friends and family) to occasionally talk to buildings and parks that I love (especially during grad school). I was also the Torrey Pines High School homecoming queen.