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What You Don’t Know About Anne Benge

San Diego Office

Position: President, Unisource Solutions, a San Diego-based furniture management and facilities services company that provides commercial furniture of every kind—for traditional offices and creative space, but also schools, libraries, tech space, even a few aircraft carriers.

Background: Born and raised in Birmingham Mich., and a University of Michigan grad. Found my first real job by cold calling out of the yellow pages under "brokerage firms," becoming a sales assistant at Merrill Lynch in NYC. Been in real estate/furniture since 1986.

Recent Projects: Genomatica, San Diego Airport, SmartDrive, Dart Neuroscience.

Favorite Song: "Make Your Own Kind of Music," Mama Cass.

Music Group: The Beatles, The Bee Gees, The Black Keys.

Favorite Vacation: Our annual family Christmas vacation overseas.

Favorite Book: The Eight by Katherine Neville and Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.

Favorite Food: Potato chips and red wine.

Startling Fact: I haven't worn makeup for over 25 years.