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What Kilroy’s One Paseo Del Mar Urban Village Offers

Kilroy Realty Corp.’s One Paseo Del Mar, a mixed-use development in Carmel Valley, is under construction, with retail scheduled for occupancy around Christmas 2018 or just after, delivery of residential units between March and June 2019 and office in mid- and late 2019.

Spaces between retail buildings at One Paseo provide places and spaces for gathering, events and loafing.

The 23-acre site was originally slated for a build-to-suit office project, but after the client decided on a different site, the Kilroy development team reconsidered the options this site presented, Kilroy Senior Vice President of Development & Construction Bob Little said. He talked about why this site became a mixed-use development at Bisnow’s recent San Diego Development & Construction Forum.

Kilroy Realty's Bob Little and VCA Structural's Brett Kaufmann

“It’s in the heart of the community and accessible to the public evenings and weekends, so we worked with the city and stakeholders to come up with a plan that really embraced the neighborhood, infrastructure and other components around it,” Little said. “What I love about this project is the way it came together as a sort of urbane mix of uses with each use functioning independently, but overall providing a place where people can live, work and eat rather than getting in your car and going somewhere.“

The design of One Paso differentiates components, with an agrarian-style retail center and modern office and residential structures.

The overall project includes 98K SF of retail, two office buildings — one six-story and the other four stories — with a total of 280K SF configured for flexibility to capture creative office and tech tenants and a 608-unit residential component, including 60 affordable units.

Using slides, Little said the design provides connectivity with walkways and gathering spaces between buildings, creating an urban village feel, but also connects the project with adjacent retail and bike trails.

The family-oriented village has an agrarian feel, like country marts found in Northern California, with a laid-back atmosphere — “the kind of place where people will want to hang out”— that provides a destination for the community and amenities for residents and office occupants, Little said. Tenants, 40% of which are already committed, include an eclectic, curated mix of trendy restaurants and shops found locally and throughout Southern California.

The outdoor environment will be augmented with programming, such as outdoor concerts, he said. The plan is designed to accommodate various types of venues.

Zehpyr's Chris Beucler and TSA Contracting's Terry Arnett

Moderator Terry Arnett, president of TSA Contracting, asked how parking is being handled. Little said each component has independent parking structures that meet standard city parking requirements for each use. Kilroy will also employ the concept of shared parking at One Paseo, opening up the parking structure dedicated to office users for retail visitors evenings and weekends, providing 1,000 additional parking spaces for retail customers.

One Paseo will offer an eclectic mix of restaurants and shops in a casual setting.

TCA Architects principal Tim Mustard designed the residential component.

“The challenge for us with over 600 units (in three buildings) was trying to break that mass down, so it doesn’t feel like big blocky buildings," he said. "The key component for us was bisecting north and south between the three buildings with an enhanced paseo. What it does, because of the walkability of the village, is encourage people to walk up through our project to Del Mar Heights Road, and it connects over to the bike trail to the west.”

TCA Architects' Tim Mustard and Foundation Fitness' Katie Morris

Mustard said the paseo was key to positioning the residential project so it faces the public, rather than turning its back on the external community. The design provides privacy within the complex by creating spaces with different functions throughout the project. For example, a courtyard area with a Zen garden and small pool was designed to be passive, a large gathering place with the main pool provides an active space with the fitness center extending outside and a co-working space offers a place for residents to interact in yet another way.

Residential buildings at One Paseo Del Mar

Discussing sustainability and technology features, Little said the project exceeds California's Title 24 energy code. The office buildings will be a minimum of LEED Gold, but most likely LEED Platinum, and the overall project will be certified LEED for Neighborhood Development. He said Kilroy is looking at an online concierge service, which would allow residents to order services, such as dinner from restaurants in the retail component, from an iPad.

Little also said there is essentially a park around the project’s entire perimeter, because setbacks are a minimum of 30 feet. This green strip will also provide good circulation for pedestrians and cyclists around the project, he said.

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