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San Diego Among 25 Top Cities With Ashley Madison Users

Maybe the warm weather's to blame. Or maybe many of us just work long, grueling hours at tech or life science startups. Whatever the reasoning, San Diego turns out to be one of the top 25 worldwide cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts. Nearly 95,000 accounts found on the cheating-themed website were registered in San Diego. The info comes from the alleged hacking exposure of all of Ashley Madison's 37 million registered users that has made headlines this week, and already exposed one-time reality TV celebrity Josh Duggar. While the number of wanna-be San Diego cheaters pales in comparison to Sao Paulo (with 374,500 registered emails) and New York (more than 260,000 registered emails), our fair city actually has more registered users than Sin City itself, Las Vegas, with only 87,700 registered accounts. [Thrillist]

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