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Carlsbad Airport May Expand Its Runway To Accommodate Large Aircraft

San Diego

San Diego County supervisors are considering a controversial proposal by Carlsbad’s McClellan-Palomar Airport to expand service to aircraft larger and faster than the small and midsized aircraft it was designed to serve. Higher-class planes already are landing here, but approval of the proposal would allow improvements to safely land them.

The Board of Supervisors agreed in December to upgrade the airport’s classification from B-II airport to a modified C/D-III. This would allow extension of the airport’s single runway to safely accommodate the higher-class aircraft, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Corporate aircraft serving large North County companies land here. Until recently, large commercial airlines, including United, provided commuter service out of this airport. Expansion of the runway may bring back commercial airline commuter service.

Some Carlsbad residents are opposed to the plan. Residents attending a public meeting to explain the project gave it mixed reviews. County officials contend the improvements will make the airport safer, quieter and more economically viable, without significantly increasing traffic. [SDUT