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Carvana Considering Tempe Site For Car Vending Machine

Carvana's Nashville location

Online used car retailer Carvana, which is headquartered in Phoenix but does not have one of its signature automated car vending machines in the Phoenix market, could be bringing one to Tempe. The company has asked the Tempe City Council to approve a glass, nine-story vending machine and allow automotive retailing at the northwest corner of Scottsdale Road and Gilbert Drive, the Phoenix Business Journal reports.

The vending machines are part of the company's delivery system. Once a customer has selected and purchased a car online, he or she can have it delivered, or go to the vending machine to retrieve the car. (Carvana subsidizes transit to the site for out-of-town buyers.) The company has vending machines in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Atlanta and Nashville.

The existing locations include a cityscape design inside the delivery bays featuring imagery unique to the area. To commemorate the pickup experience, which is still something of a novelty, Carvana captures the visit to the vending machine in a video that customers can post on any social media platform.

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