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An App That Matches Landlords and Students


Despite the Internet mania for finding housing online (think Zillow), there is one sector that, up until now, has been underserved: student housing. HouzeMe principals Paul Manganella and Chris DeLuca are using university-rich Philadelphia as a beta market to test their new student housing rental search site. The app is dedicated to students and the landlords who rent to them, both off campus and on. Paul says that most student housing landlords have no online presence whatsoever, and this app allows students to form an initial relationship with potential landlords and make more informed decisions. It also saves time and money for landlords, who can market their properties in the place where everybody is already looking. Chris adds that the app includes filters so that students can drill down to the type of housing and location they want, eliminating that overwhelmed feeling. The user can also choose options and preferences, and share potential rentals with friends for their valued opinions. For more info on our Bisnow partner, click here.