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Proactive Property Management Keeps This Firm Ahead of Competitors


Earlier this year, Bisnow caught up with AR Building Services principal and director of operations Luis Rios, who told us his company's app allowed a client to quickly submit maintenance requests with a few swipes of their phone. 

Luis recently sat down with us again to discuss the importance of being proactive as a property management specialist and—whenever possible—solving problems before a client needs to ask for help.

Luis says each of his accounts has an assigned supervisor responsible for making sure that every employee finishes his or her full set of tasks before shift's end.

"An operations manager will make weekly visits to ensure the quality of services and fulfillment of our obligations to our clients," he says. "Random inspections will be made by an owner of AR Building Services in order to ensure maximum quality control."

Luis says the frequent inspections and visits allow the company to solve problems before they can even be noticed. Ideally, a client will never have to reach out and ask for an issue to be handled. 

Nightly inspections have proven to also be exceptionally beneficial. Not only have they been able to tighten security and ensure all security systems are working after hours, but they also are able to recognize unique client activity.

“We noticed that a particular tenant conducts meetings with their staff in two of their conference centers at a certain time every Thursday evening," Luis says, "which allowed us to be proactive in cleaning the space right after the meeting, instead of waiting for a call from a tenant in the morning asking for maintenance.”

Inspections are just one way Luis and his team plan on continuing proactive initiatives for their tenants and community.

"Every time we take a new account we make a custom schedule for each employee who works at the property," he says. "This schedule will be very detailed and will track not just the items that need to be completed, but also the length of time that it will take to solve them." 

Luis tells us that AR Building Services' level of consistency is what makes the proactive approach work. The goal is for problems to disappear before clients are bothered by them.

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