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Radnor Property Group Proposes Dual Residential Towers Near North Broad Street


Radnor Property Group has submitted a proposal for a mixed-use project with dual residential towers at 440 North 15th St, a block away from the burgeoning North Broad Street.

The project, to be named The Hamilton, is up for Civic Design Review on Jan. 10, and includes plans for 8k SF of ground-floor retail, 150 parking spaces (some of them underground), 600 apartments and amenities such as a rooftop green space. The towers will be asymmetrical, with the taller being 197 feet tall and the shorter at 131 feet.

Currently at the address is a parking lot first built by the Philadelphia Inquirer in the '60s, now used by the Community College of Philadelphia. It is zoned as CMX-4, and Radnor plans to build by-right. [CDR]