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Toll Brothers Trying To Build A Mixed-Use High-Rise On Jewelers Row


A Toll Brothers subsidiary is one step away from building a mixed-use high-rise on Philadelphia's historic Jewelers Row.

Toll Washington Square has already been approved for a 16-story building with 80 residential units and ground-floor retail, and Toll Brothers is expected to receive word on its application to demolish five properties from 702-710 Sansom St to clear space for the project by Sept. 1, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Jewelers Row is a block largely dedicated to historic buildings and businesses in its eponymous industry, with its concentration on the 700 block of Sansom going back as far as the mid-1800s, when craftsmen would service the nearby government offices. It's the oldest and second-largest block of its kind in the country. (New York contains the largest.)

The building would be the first of its kind on the block, and the buildings it plans on razing have no historic protection. More than 20 businesses operate in those buildings, the Inquirer reports.

Toll Brothers has neither announced whether the residences would be condo or apartments nor whether the ground-floor retail would fit the commercial theme of the block. [Philly]