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How A Developer's New Approach To Construction Purchasing Allowed Him To Achieve His Vision

LIV Condominiums

When developers have a clear vision, a strong initial design concept and the perfect location for their project, often the final barrier standing in their way is the antiquated process of acquiring materials to make their dream a reality. 

Getting supplies the old-fashioned way is no easy task. Jacob Roller, principal at J. Roller Development described how typically a developer will partner with an interior designer who wants to use materials from a dozen different sources.

“I would have to go to my builders and say, ‘Here are the dozen different places you need to order from. Oh, and make sure they can all deliver within your schedule,’” Roller said. “Expecting that to go smoothly is totally unrealistic.” 

For Roller’s latest project, a multifamily condo in Philadelphia’s historic Queen Village, Roller was able to avoid this inefficient system by working with Mega Supply Pro, a one-stop shop where he could procure all his construction materials. Bisnow spoke with Roller to learn more about his vision for LIV Condominiums and how he was able to meet his goals by streamlining his construction purchases.

Bisnow: What was the inspiration for LIV Condominiums?

Roller: My goal for all of my properties is to create something that offers a unique living environment, while still fitting within the architectural and cultural landscape of its surrounding neighborhood. 

In Queen Village, I saw an opportunity to build a modern, multi-unit development in the heart of a historic district. The vision for LIV was to create something both beautiful and functional in a way that’s unique for Philadelphia. There are not many condominium projects like this in the city. I wanted to build for young families who want a modern open space, which often can’t be accommodated by older row houses with narrow footprints that are common throughout Philly.

Bisnow: What challenges do you normally encounter when approaching a project like this?

Roller: As I mentioned before, purchasing construction materials has always been a major challenge that causes headaches and schedule delays. 

Now, instead of going through this complex, multi-step process, I work with Mega Supply Pro, a sourcing and logistics provider that supplies everything I need under one roof. Mega acts as a central clearinghouse for not only building supplies, but also fixtures and finishes of all styles and price ranges. Having all of that in one place has turned out to be an incredible resource for logistics, planning, scheduling and pricing.

LIV Condominiums

Bisnow: What was the most difficult feature of the LIV to bring to life? 

Roller: I would have to say the windows. To execute the design look we created on the architectural plans, we needed custom window solutions, and due to the quality of the property, those solutions needed to be truly spectacular. 

Mega operates a local window factory, Vetrina Windows, staffed with experts who are able to advise, produce and deliver exactly what we needed much cheaper and faster than anyone else on the market. Their ability to offer something truly bespoke for the LIV allowed us to really tie the brand in with the building itself. Vetrina Windows are beautiful and design-forward, as well as exceptionally functional. 

Bisnow: Was this your first time working with Mega Supply Pro?

Roller: I previously partnered with Mega on two high-end condominium projects in Center City; one at Ninth and Spruce and another on 15th and Pine. 

In addition to taking over all the logistics, Mega was able to serve as a design center, advising me on the current trends and market for fixtures and finishes at no additional cost. Previously, I needed to search hundreds of websites, call vendors, wait for and call shipping logistics call centers, but now the entire process is streamlined.

Mega also gives me quality guidance on what’s realistic and what’s not. For example, if I want a sink faucet for a rental apartment in Center City, they come to me with a price point that fits the market and a range of suitable options. If I’m working on a building in an outlying neighborhood of the city, they immediately know everything about the area — from which price points will get me the type of product that fits what I’m doing to who my end customer is and what will be attractive to them. 

As a real estate developer, it can be challenging to stick to your initial design goals and vision. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my vision without Mega Supply Pro. 

This feature was produced in collaboration between Bisnow Branded Content and Mega Supply Pro. Bisnow news staff was not involved in the production of this content.