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curtis battles New Caanan Advisors
Looks as if the historic cruise ship that's spent the past 15 years gathering rust in the Delaware River is finally going to become a mixed-use attraction. We spoke with New Canaan Advisors' Curtis Battles, who tells us the project's RFQ (in conjunction with the nonprofit SS United States Redevelopment Project) will be released right after Easter. "We're looking for people who might have different ideas about how to take a 1,000-foot ship with 650k SF of space, and transform it into a... tourist attraction," Curtis says. Most likely, the ship will eventually a house an museum and retail space, although Curtis says the group will also consider temporary event space, an educational component, or perhaps something even stranger (like the lair of a evil genius). "The Conservancy wants to be in negotiations with somebody by the end of the year," he says. We're rooting for a brew pub and an all-you-can-eat ice cream parlor.