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3 Things to Know About Delaware

Delaware's got competitive advantages over some of its neighbors, Delaware Economic Development Office director Alan Levin tells us. That's why we're excited to hear from him and our other experts at Bisnow's The Future of Delaware Real Estate starting at 8am on June 18 at the Chase Center on the Waterfront in Wilmington. He gave us three reasons Delaware is beating the competition.

1. Location, Naturally.


Delaware's less than 150 miles from Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and DC—and all are accessible by all modes of transit, says Alan Levin (here, snapped at a previous Bisnow event). The advantages of being in the I-95 corridor are no surprise, but less well known are the 80 regional and express trains and three commercial cargo railroads running in the state that allow for quick access to other markets. Also, the Port of Wilmington is North America's leading fresh fruit port, with the largest dock-side refrigerated complex on the continent.

2. Size, Surprisingly.


"Because Delaware is smaller in size, there's an ease of access to public officials and lack of red tape that you won’t find elsewhere," he also says. That also makes for a lower cost of doing business, even though the state boasts a highly educated workforce.

3. Employees Want to Be Here.


Millennials choose to live in Wilmington to enjoy the nightlife and culinary offerings, he says, and as a less expensive alternative to nearby metros. Older workers and retirees might choose quieter areas downstate, and everyone is fond of the state's beaches. In short, there are a variety of lifestyle options for potential employees. Sign up here to attend our The Future of Delaware Real Estate event.