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The FBI Is Investigating Land Sales By The City Of Philadelphia


The FBI is investigating the City of Philadelphia's "process for conveying properties," amid a lawsuit against a member of the City Council.

Developer Ori Feibush is suing councilman Kenyatta Johnson over the sale of vacant lots in the Point Breeze neighborhood, alleging Feibush was illegally denied the lots as retaliation for attempting to unseat Johnson in the 2013 election.

In the deposition for that lawsuit, Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority deputy executive director Tania Nikolic disclosed she had been part of an interview with the FBI regarding the land sale process, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

An Inquirer source claims the FBI has more recently investigated Johnson's office specifically for claims that he guided the sale of lots to campaign contributors. A previous lawsuit against Johnson's office for similar claims was dismissed. [Philly]

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