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Harvard Allston Land Company

Harvard Allston Land Company is a content partner of Bisnow and have worked with our Studio B team to develop creative content and custom offerings.

The Harvard Allston Land Company (HALC) manages the development of Harvard’s Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) in Allston. It assists the University in selecting appropriate development partners and provides oversight on project plans approved by the City of Boston, in close collaboration and alignment with the University’s overall planning, design, and community engagement efforts. In selecting and working with property developers to assist in realizing the vision for the ERC, Harvard is committed to engaging partners who demonstrate alignment with university values of equity, inclusion, sustainability and resilience, as well as open, accessible and performative public realm networks. The commitment to diversity and inclusion will take shape across all aspects of development -- from investors, to construction, to tenants – and will underpin efforts for inclusive placemaking. The University’s Science and Engineering Complex, together with Harvard Business School, and the creative and innovation corridor of Western Avenue, will provide the intellectual seed capital that will attract entities to the ERC, and therefore become a vital addition – in both proximity and collaboration – to the research and teaching ecosystem at Harvard.