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Bisnow Content Partner


Faropoint is a content partner of Bisnow and have worked with our Studio B team to develop creative content and custom offerings.

Faropoint is a fully integrated industrial real estate investment firm, specializing in the Logistics and Manufacturing sectors. We have been actively engaged in a number of primary and secondary markets in the US, including Atlanta, Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati, and Greater Philadelphia.

Faropoint’s strategy revolves around selectively locating attractive properties, managing, stabilizing and enhancing their performance in order to resell and actualize upside potential. Our portfolio allows us to balance our risk-return equation, not only at an individual asset level, but across a spectrum of properties that is diverse in location, use, class and tenant industry exposure. Hence, our model allows us to combine two strategies: first, production of significant and stable returns from our stabilized assets, and second, value-add acquisitions, which are embedded in all layers of the portfolio, that offer an attractive capital gain upon sale.

We rely on creating expertise in specific markets and nurturing our local relations, which have been meticulously developed and maintained throughout our investment history. Market research and understanding the macroeconomic and microeconomic fundamentals remain our core competency and guide us in our everyday operation. We are prudent throughout our operations from striking the right balance of leverage to applying a responsible reserves policy to each one of our investments.

Faropoint is also a true and engaged partner to our tenants, lenders, and other stakeholders in our ecosystem. We are fully committed to creating and delivering value together, through means of innovation, creativity, and deep industry knowledge.