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Bisnow Content Partner


Doxel is a content partner of Bisnow and have worked with our Studio B team to develop creative content and custom offerings.

We believe in the power of aligned teams and designed Doxel to unlock their full potential. Aligned teams are able to make fast, high quality decisions that keep projects on schedule and on budget. But keeping all stakeholders on the same page in the face of constant change from the unforgiving field can be cumbersome, contentious and time consuming. Doxel’s automated progress tracking solution keeps teams aligned with hard facts that leave no ambiguity on where the project is today, where it will be tomorrow and what decisions need to be made to land it on schedule and on budget. With Doxel, Project Executives have full observability on their site while providing their field teams with the powerful tools they need to prevent delays, over-billing, re-work, and trade stacking.