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Florida Officials Eager For Tourists To Return


After a short period assessing Hurricane Irma’s impact and making necessary repairs, Orlando’s attractions are eager for tourists around the globe to return. 

As soon as electricity started to come back, reps for major attractions, and tourism organizations, took to social media with ads to entice tourists back to Central Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Experience Kissimmee Vice President of Communications Jody DiSalle said potential visitors from the U.K. were especially concerned about their planned travel. The thrust of her organization's message — and those of similar organizations — is that accommodations and attractions are open, and it is safe to visit Florida.

The organization Visit Florida has lit up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with ads, and has set up web cameras in various parts of the state to make the case that Florida is its old self again, as far as tourists are concerned. 

TV spots are planned for overseas markets such as the U.K., Germany and Brazil, and such domestic markets as New York, Dallas and Chicago. The only area that is not being targeted for tourists at the moment is the badly battered Keys, though that part of the state is about to reopen officially for tourists, ahead of schedule.