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Overseas Restaurants Target SoCal

Orange County Retail


SoCal's a prime destination for foreign restaurant chains looking to establish a foothold in North America, because people here are keen for new experiences, Present Value Properties prez Greg Fisher tells us. Eat and Eat, a restaurant company whose locations are currently in Indonesia (and whose name gets right to the point), has tapped Present Value of Tustin to find its first US location in Southern California. Greg, snapped with his wife TerryLynn at Laguna Beach, says that the restaurant is looking for 5,000 SF to 7,000 SF where it can offer food in an "eatertainment" environment.


"Eat and Eat embodies of the eatertainment concept by immersing each guest in authentic cuisine in a participatory atmosphere,” Greg explains. Though the plans for the US location haven't been finalized yet, in Indonesia (pictured) they feature a myriad of food stalls and carts serving food from around Southeast Asia. With vintage ornaments and furniture, the locations evoke a street food bazaar at a traditional kampong (village). “Each Eat and Eat will be created around dining themes consistent with local culture, and feature both traditional and new cuisines from around the world," Greg says.