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Seven Features Tenants Want in Offices of the Future

Orange County Office

The cutting edge of SoCal office space has moved past simple open plans and ping-pong tables to flexibility, brighter colors, indoor-outdoor spaces, and remaking boring old spaces into places were young workers want to be. (The coffee machine hasn't gone anywhere, though.) That’s why we’re excited to hold our Office of the Future event on Sept. 30 at the gen2 Building.


Bixby Land Co SVP-operation Aaron Hill, who's speaking at the event, tells us that the majority of office tenants are looking for space that reinforces their company’s brand and culture. The space that’s in demand today has been reinvented to be in sync with how the employees want to work. As companies see space as an important drawing card for talent, its cost is being pushed down the list of priorities when evaluating new office space or renewals of existing leases (tenants willing to pay more for the right space, that is). 


Features that tenants are willing to pay a premium for, Aaron says, include a lot of natural light, a floor plate that allows them to program multiple types of work space, WiFi throughout, less drywall and more glass, and a more vibrant color palette and the elimination of dropped ceilings. Also important in Southern California: an emphasis on usable outdoor space with multiple gathering areas designed to accommodate different-sized groups. Pictured: a new Bixby design at 18231 W McDurmott in Irvine, which has a series of folding doors that open to the building’s deck, to create an indoor-outdoor connection. Hear more from Aaron and other office of the future experts at our event: sign up here.