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Who Is Scoring in the Buyers/Sellers Game?


In the last six months, rates have been creeping up and the volatility of conduits is increasing dramatically, says Berkadia managing director Jackson Cloak. The market is suffering from both price and execution issues, Jackson says, and we haven’t really seen the sellers adjust. It seems like buyers and sellers are playing a game of chicken, as far as who is going to flinch first. Are we going to see the sellers decrease their prices to get transactions, or are we going to see rates come back down so that buyers are going to get the yields that they need to be able to transact? Stay tuned. Jackson is seeing buyers really having to stretch, and sometimes they are just not able to get there. A solution is trending: sales and debt platforms combining to provide a more streamlined and efficient service for both sellers and buyers. Deals close faster and more efficiently when teams work together. For more information on our Bisnow partner, click here.