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OC Power Women: 5 Questions With RiverRock Real Estate Group Property Manager Janne Cordova

This limited series profiles Orange County Power Women who have helped shape SoCal cities, neighborhoods, businesses and lifestyles. These women will be honored at Bisnow's Orange County Power Women event Aug. 21 in Irvine.

There is no better feeling in the world for Janne Cordova than seeing someone get promoted or rewarded because of something she has helped with or taught them. 

Cordova is a property manager at RiverRock Real Estate Group. She joined the company in 2017.

With more than 15 years of experience in portfolio management and financial services, Cordova has overseen more than 50 capital improvement projects and training for more than 24 portfolio staff members, according to her company profile. 

Cordova, who is very active with the Building Owners and Managers Association and Commercial Real Estate Women Orange County organizations, said teaching, mentoring and fostering the growth of those around her is what motivates her.  

"It is an amazing feeling when I see people I’ve trained or mentored get promoted in their careers or take on advanced responsibilities," she said.

RiverRock Real Estate Group property manager Janne Cordova with her family
RiverRock Real Estate Group property manager Janne Cordova with her family

Bisnow: How do you describe your job to people who are not in the industry?

Cordova: At RiverRock Real Estate Group, I manage the financials, construction and operations of a portfolio of commercial properties. I am a jack of all trades. For instance, on one day, I can be helping a building engineer figure out why we have a recurring plumbing stoppage. The next day, I’m working with tenants and architects to help design a new suite build-out. Another day, I can be working with property owners on compiling and managing their multimillion-dollar property budgets.

Bisnow: What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career and how did you achieve it?

Cordova: The accomplishment that I am most proud of in my career is not tied to a particular project I’ve completed or award I’ve received, but rather, I am proud that I have helped others grow. I’ve taken ownership in teaching and mentoring my teams and colleagues. This includes developing training programs and sharing my knowledge or expertise with others. I am active in commercial real estate associations such as BOMA and CREW Orange County, previously holding roles as director of Industry Programs and chairperson of Education Seminars. I do this because I enjoy participating in helping others learn through their educational forums. 

Bisnow: How have you seen companies change the way they address wage and gender inequality in recent years?

Cordova: I am seeing more companies consider and promote women to corporate leadership and executive level roles. There is more transparency about wage and bonus structures. I see it at my own company, RiverRock, which is great. RiverRock tracks wage parity by job title on an ongoing basis in an effort to enforce consistency and fairness.  Today, more mentorship and advocacy is provided to women than ever before. However, with an average industry median income gap of 20 to 30% between men and women, we still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, it’s a huge step for the commercial real estate industry that the topic of wage and gender inequality is at the forefront of many company agendas.

Bisnow: What piece of advice do you give others entering the industry?

Cordova: Be persistent. Stay competitive by continuously learning and being aware of the competition and opportunities that are in the market today. Regularly network, obtain mentors inside and outside of your company, and most importantly, be confident and have a voice. It took me years in my young career to learn some of these things, and looking back, I wish I had started practicing all of these pieces sooner.

Bisnow: What do you do to unwind when you’re not working?

Cordova: I love my Friday movie nights with my family. I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible, whether it’s going out for a run, spending the day at the lake or baseball field, or sunbathing in my backyard. I‘m also big on reading and listening to e-books.

Meet RiverRock Real Estate Group property manager Janne Cordova at Bisnow's Orange County Power Women event Aug. 21 at the Irvine Marriott.