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Give the Tenants What They Want

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Give the Tenants What They Want

Day 1 Lower Moraine 057

KTGY partner Manny Gonzalez (who survived a recent visit to Alaska) tells us that the future design of seniors housing will reflect that the upcoming generation will be Baby Boomers and their well-known appetite for wanting more. That means seniors housing will have to offer more to attract residents, such as a great room with a large entertaining kitchen. Or a laundry room near the master bedroom. Or common areas that can accommodate yoga and pilates. Seniors will be better shape than they've ever been, and will want a living environment that supports that. (We tried to get a comment from that bear drinking from the river, but he wouldn't go on the record.) Manny will be speaking at the NAHB International Builders' Show in Vegas tomorrow.


Also speaking at the NAHB show tomorrow is KTGY partner David Senden, who will talk about must-haves for apartment projects. What younger renters want, it turns out, isn't so different from their elders, except maybe they're willing to accept smaller spaces if they have easy access to work and entertainment. They also want to make their own entertainment on site, with the likes of outdoor lounges and outdoor kitchens popular now among renters.

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