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Architectural Billings Skyrocket

Orange County
Architectural  Billings Skyrocket
Now's the time to be a multifamily specialist. Irvine-based TCA Architects, which doubled its billings in the past 24 months almost back pre-recession levels, will have a projected workload up 150% in the next 24 months. (It'l take away from its hobby time, but it's probably happy to make the trade.)
Architectural  Billings Skyrocket
TCA Architects prez Aram Chahbazian (with founder Thomas Cox) tells us that the firm's client base includes REITs and larger developers that are active in the multifamily space. The firm has projects in the pipeline throughout California and the West, mostly in urban infill settings. "Context matters," Aram says. "What we would do in Scottsdale would be completely different than what we'd do in Downtown Los Angeles." (True of most things: Men dressed as Batman asking for money in the street wouldn't fly in Scottsdale.) As TCA continues to receive new commissions for modern high-density housing environments, Aram says the studio’s operational platform will continue expand, including to Asia and South America.