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How Owners And Landlords Can Increase Mailbox Money With Small Cell Technology

How Owners And Landlords Can Increase Mailbox Money With Small Cell Technology

There are a lot of different ways to increase the value of a property, but one of the easiest will also produce mailbox money. Mailbox money is a type of passive income, allowing property owners to pull in additional earnings with minimal work or management.

One way to open up that potential while also driving tenants to properties is to guarantee network connectivity through small cells — small cellular stations that increase a network’s capacity. A small cell’s reach is fairly narrow, ranging from 10 meters to one or two kilometers. It is a clever way to densely pack a cell network expansion into hard-to-reach locations.

Unlike the familiar large towers, small cells are far smaller and can be attached to existing structures. Billboards, rooftops, water towers and other structures can host a small cell. Carriers need to find willing property owners that will agree to have small cells placed on their assets for a fee.

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Leveraging The Fourth Utility For Mailbox Money

Enter Virginia-based TeleWorld Solution’s online marketplace, The site is an open marketplace where property owners can list offerings for billboards, commercial or residential buildings, and other structures that can physically host small cells.

Cellular connectivity, the "fourth utility,"  is a necessary part of modern-day infrastructure. With the saturation of smart devices across the global market — 2015 saw over 10 times the number of devices enter active connection than in the previous five years combined — empowers owners, developers and managers to outfit their properties with that connectivity in places it might not be available otherwise.

Through, carriers can efficiently suss out numerous potential sites with willing property owners and examine distance to fiber, power availability and height of the structure. Property owners’ assets are marketed directly to the carriers, who have trusted relationships with TeleWorld Solutions.

Online shopping

Instead of jumping through hoops to market and sell real estate assets for small cell placement, property owners can fast-track this revenue stream through’s powerful, map-based interface. Property owners can easily showcase the details of their real estate offerings to attract operator interest.

With site acquisition being the No. 1 issue with small cell deployment, bringing property owners directly to the carriers increases speed-to-market for the carriers while providing mailbox money to the asset owner.

“It’s a huge win for carriers and property owners alike. By bringing everyone to the table, carriers will have a better chance of success in deploying their very aggressive densification goals, while providing passive income and connectivity to property owners,” TeleWorld Solutions’ CEO Shervin Gerami said. “ will revolutionize the site acquisitions process.”

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