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PODCAST: Listen To Bisnow's 'Let's Have A Drink' NYC: Cushman & Wakefield Executive Vice Chairman Joanne Podell

Bisnow has a new podcast series, Let’s Have A Drink, where we sit down with the personalities who shape New York City real estate — the most cutthroat, challenging and thrilling market in the world. Hosted by Bisnow reporter Miriam Hall, we examine the deals, the disappointments and, of course, drinks of choice. You can catch it on iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud.

Cushman & Wakefield Executive Vice Chairman Joanne Podell at the REBNY Ball in January 2019

In our fourth episode, we sit down at the Baccarat Hotel with Joanne Podell, executive vice chairman for retail services at Cushman & Wakefield.

We talk about starting over in a new career, locking down one of the priciest retail leases in New York City history and why widespread store closures don’t scare her one bit.

“Our commissions are down … But that's OK, you do more deals,” she said on the podcast. “You need to work hard … service people, listen to what they have to say and find a way to satisfy what their needs are for the moment.”