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Great American Brokerage’s Paul Fetscher has run more marathons than any sane man, he says. His most recent was Saturday, after which he drove three miles to Belmont. Leading up to the last NYC Marathon (his 42nd time running it), Paul had run 2,000 races over 55 years, including as the first American to run a marathon in Russia. He was coach for Long Island Athletic Club, Long Island’s first running club, and he founded the Long Island Marathon in 1973 (he won that one in ’77 with a 2:21:49 time). He’s been on the cover of Runner’s World, and his license plate even says Run 26. Now, a documentary featuring Paul is up for the Long Island Film Festival (you can watch it here).


Then there’s ultra-marathoner Eric Gelber of CBRE, snapped above finishing his 48-hour, 164-mile run in September in Central Park, which raised $127k for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. This September, he’s upping the distance to 200 miles, which will take more than 50 hours. He aims to raise more than $200k for the effort, and will engage a different myeloma patient for each of the 33 laps of Central Park.