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Five Potential Uses for Amazon's New Space in NY

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Amazon's lease at 7 West 34th Street in Manhattan is now official (read about it here), with landlord Vornado's announcement yesterday that the company had inked a deal for all 470K SF of office space in the building. Amazon has not revealed how it will use the space, but we came up with five ideas.

5) As business productivity experts agree laughter at work can improve employee morale, Amazon will put a Barnes & Noble in the space, then watch it go out of business. (Maniacal laughter counts.)

4) To ease the burden on its same-day delivery guarantee, Amazon will build 100 million residences on-site (micro-micro-micro units) and just get everyone to live in one spot.

3) Turn it into a gym because, well, every other vacant space in NY is.

2) Combining it's new delivery methods with the greatest feel-good story NY has ever seen, Amazon will get Sully Sullenberger to land a drone on the Hudson.

1) Long maligned by Wall Street never having turned a profit, Amazon will continue that practice, just to Wall Street's face, by sub-leasing the space at a loss.

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