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5 Top Power Lunch Spots: Midtown East

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Where do you want to be breaking bread when a deal is on the line? Here's a look at some spots in Midtown East that have reps for fitting the bill when that handshake is so close you can taste it.

1. Nerai


Chef: Chris Christou

Signature: Welcoming service in the Greek tradition. Hits include the fresh seafood by the pound flown in from the Mediterranean.

Also known for: This three-story space once housed the Oceana.

2. The Garden at the Four Seasons Hotel


Address: 57 E 57th St

Signature: Known as a popular venue for power lunches, walking into the restaurant of this I.M. Pei-designed hotel is like stepping onto a movie set. African acacia trees complement the lavish décor. We hear the food’s alright, too.

Also known for: The Ty Bar, also in the hotel, has a formidable whiskey list.

3. The Four Seasons Restaurant


Address: 99 E 52nd St

Signature: Just think of the deals that have been sealed with handshakes in this place. Designed by the famed architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson, every detail—from what’s on the plates to the ceiling—is fussed over. If there's a single restaurant that embodies the pinnacle of hospitality in New York, this has to be it. Last week it came out that the restaurant is seriously considering a move to a new location. 

Also known for: It’s credited as the first American restaurant to incorporate seasonally changing menus.

4. Charlie Palmer Steakhouse


Address: 5 E 54th St

Signature: The first New York incarnation of Californian Charlie Palmer’s namesake steakhouse, it opened here this past fall. You can get a pretty typical NY steakhouse menu (which is to say awesome), although here there are not one, not two, but three kobe steaks on the menu—two raised domestically and one brought over from Japan.

Also known for: Attentive service in an atmosphere that’s less stuffy than some steakhouses.

5. Lychee House


Address: 141 E 55th St

Known for: Ocean scallops and shrimp cooked in garlic sauce. 

Side note: Ackman Ziff principal Simon Ziff recommends the spicy chicken, though he's been known to ask the waiter to substitute the chestnuts for the mushrooms.