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Two Trees Marketing Sugar Factory Office Space As Boutique Build-Out For One Big Tenant


Two Trees Management is taking the road less traveled when it comes to marketing the 380k SF of soon-to-be office space inside the iconic Domino Sugar Factory.

Two Trees’ Jed Walentas says his current strategy is to find a big creative tenant and design the office space from the ground up according to its needs, the New York Post reports.

“If Facebook came along tomorrow,” Jed tells the NYP, “We’d say, ‘OK, put the columns wherever you want. If you want a 30-foot-high ceiling on the ground floor, no problem’…We have this incredible canvas.

Two Trees is working with NGKF’s David Falk to find the kind of tenant who’d want a completely customized 380k SF headquarters. Asking rent will be roughly $70/SF throughout.

Failing that, Jed says Plan B is to install floors and market them like traditional office space. [NYP]