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The WeWork of Bathrooms

You know WeWork as the company that mastered providing offices to people on the go. Now the company (valued at $5B) is prepared to provide offices for people who have to go. Today, it has launched WeWee—a new type of membership that offers access to beautiful bathrooms "when and where you need them," according to a release.

"I never knew that you could disrupt the bathroom industry," WeWork analyst Amos Gabrus says in a WeWork video detailing the bathroom amenities. The move is a response to workers increasing mobility and active lifestyles, making sure they can find a satisfying toilet "no matter where their days take them." Phoenix Marketing CIO Hugh Gehrig tells Bisnow it's a logical next step for WeWork, as it fills a gap in the market. Plus, using a bathroom is something you need to every day, even April 1.

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