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Memories of Snow Past

New York Office

Today's storm may be the biggest in history...but it certainly hasn't been our only one. We dug into the archives to find a couple pics of previous storms. Reis research director Dr. Victor Calanog snapped this pic in January 2011 outside of his Downtown apartment building. The pile of snow is about five feet tall. To the left, a roughly five-minute walk, you see the rise of One World Trade Center. Four years later, the tower is complete and snow has returned to offer its congratulations.


That same month, the Rockefeller Group sent us some shots from in front of New York City’s McGraw-Hill Building at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, where the real estate and telecom firm is HQ’d.  You can see  snow being removed by the truckload. At 35 degrees, they also had the pleasure of dealing with falling ice.