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With The City As His Dojo, Black Belt Broker Fights For His Clients

If you googled your broker only to find him demonstrating chokes, how to take down opponents, and hone your body to peak fitness through grueling conditioning regimens, how would you feel?


Hopefully reassured to have him on your side, as the principles of the martial arts that broker and black belt Marco Lala has studied, competed in and instructed are pivotal to his approach to brokerage. He is just as tenacious and focused in the conference room as he is in the dojo.

He abides by the tenets of PRAD—patience, respect, appreciation and discipline—allowing them to inform every action he takes on behalf of his clients. He exhibits patience during the long and arduous closing process, respect and appreciation for the buyers and sellers who engage him, and discipline when meticulously calculating valuations.

PRAD is a distillation of the ideas imbued in the single word Marco emphasizes in all aspects of his life: osu.

It's a contraction made up of the words for “push” and “endure,” conveying the physically and mentally demanding nature of Kyokushin karate. The importance of perseverance and indomitable spirit also cannot be overstated when one's task entails analyzing thousands of buildings, knowing full well only a fraction will transact.

Marco’s exceptional in that he’s able to reconcile his family-oriented, personalized approach with the the challenges presented by the huge deals he closes. His team is comprised of himself, three family members and one close partner, permitting him to combine this closeness of collaborators with Marcus & Millichap’s power and reach.


Always leveraging the fundamentals of karate, he’s personally handled the sale of more than $1B in the New York Metropolitan Area, joining Marcus & Millichap in 2008 to focus on his core competency, the Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester investment property market.

He’s also compiled a list of properties representing hundreds of millions in unrealized value in his report, “DEADLY MISTAKES Building Owners Make When It's Time to Sell…And How to Avoid Them,” delving into a detailed case analysis of each unfortunate scenario to show exactly where sellers went wrong. He disseminated the report for free.

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