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World’s Tallest Modular Residential Building Can Resume Construction (With Backpay!)

New York Multifamily

The factory that makes modular units for B2 (part of the 15-unit development known as Pacific Park, formerly Atlantic Yards) had been shut down since August, stemming from a dispute between Forest City Ratner and contractor Skanska, halting construction. Now, after FC bought out Skanska, the factory is rehiring every employee, NY1 reports. Motors are starting, cranes are running, modular units are... modulating?


When construction began in 2012 on B2, many thought it would be finished by now. Mayor Mike (snapped at the Atlantic Yards groundbreaking) even wondered if he'd qualify for the affordable-living units--since he'd be unemployed.

For a refresher on the world's tallest modular tower, check out Forest City's Susi Yu explanation of the benefits of B2's modular construction. The October sale of B2 ranked No. 4 on Real Capital Analytics list of 2014's biggest sales in Brooklyn