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This Guy Took Sales Calls While Running the Marathon

New York Multifamily

On Sunday, Javier Lattanzio, Time Equities sales manager for FiDi's 50 West St condos (here with wife and 50 West associate broker Irina Lattanzio) hit the pavement—for the NYC Marathon. And since his earphones were already connected to his phone for music, he went ahead and took calls. The self-proclaimed never-a winner-of-anything won the lottery to get into the marathon (Irina, whose idea it was, did not get in), and he says the crowds' cheering and unity exemplified why he moved to NYC in '96. The Argentinian was a tennis pro in Palermo, Sicily, and then in NYC until he joined Time Equities in 2000. He tells us 50 West, like any luxury condo building, has drawn investment buyers, but most are buying to live there. A lot are families, like Javier, Irina, and their 9-year-old son, who upon seeing the building and its amenities asked, "When are we moving here?" So they bought a duplex and will move from Central Park West.