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Luxury Hotels Cash In On $1k Room Rates

New York Hotel

$1k/night? These days luxury hotel guests are shelling out that much and more without even batting an eyelash, reports Crain’s NY. As the economic downtown of 2008 quickly becomes a distant memory, occupancy rates at five-star hotels sprang from 64% to 72% between 2009 and 2013, even as average room rates rose from $710 to $800. Prime months like April and May see rates rise to just under $1k for an entry-level guest room at the Park Hyatt. Meanwhile new hotels like the Baccarat (above) are popping up everywhere, offering stellar amenities and multimillion-dollar apartments, as old hotels like the Four Seasons make serious renovations, like adding an above-ground event space for catering larger wedding parties. PKF research chief Mark VanStekelenburg seems to believe it’s a sign of an accelerated recovery. But we can’t help but wonder, is it only for the mega rich?