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Activists Seek No-Car Zones On 14th Street, Grand Street


Transit advocacy groups and politicians are pushing for Manhattan’s 14th Street and Williamsburg’s Grand Street to become no-car zones during the L train’s shutdown in 2019.

If the activists get their way, only bus, bike and pedestrian traffic will be allowed on the streets, which Transportation Alternatives senior director Caroline Samponaro described as a “major backbones along the L train route,” the New York Post reports.

The group’s considering several different plans, such as only allowing buses and bikes from the Williamsburg Bridge to the Grand Street/Metropolitan Avenue intersection.

Starting January 2019, the L line—which carries more than 225,000 passengers every weekday—will be closed for 18 months to repair Hurricane Sandy-caused damages. The work will cut off the link between Williamsburg’s Bedford Avenue and Manhattan’s First Avenue.

The Department of Transportation says it’s open to considering the group’s proposal. [NYP]