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What Do People Think of Mayor Bill de Blasio?

New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio has a vision for New York City that includes tackling income inequality and affordable housing. The problem is, some feel those are the only two issues he cares about. Mitchell Moss, a former Bloomberg adviser who teaches urban policy and planning at NYU Wagner, believes de Blasio has tunnel vision. He says de Blasio "doesn't care about parks or potholes or anything else." Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute says that solving the issue of income inequality is premature and lofty. She thinks people feel that the mayor needs to focus on the typical tasks involved in managing New York, like keeping the streets fixed and maintaining discipline in schools, before taking on such a grandiose mission. De Blasio responds, saying that just a little bit of research reveals that he has stayed true to the promises he made before entering office. His supporters also point out achievements like universal pre-K and mandatory paid sick leave as strong accomplishments. [VF]