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PODCAST: Bisnow's 'Let's Have A Drink' NYC Episode 3: Brad Hargreaves

Bisnow has a new podcast series, Let’s Have A Drink, where we sit down with the personalities who shape New York City real estate — the most cutthroat, challenging and thrilling market in the world. Hosted by Bisnow reporter Miriam Hall, we examine the deals, the disappointments and, of course, drinks of choice. You can subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud.

Co-living executives Ollie CEO Chris Bledsoe and Common CEO Brad Hargreaves in 2016

In our third episode, we sit down with Brad Hargreaves, the CEO and founder of co-living company Common, at a Brooklyn Caribbean eatery called Glady’s. We talk about underserved segments of the housing market, the widening gap between rents and wages — and convincing lenders that the co-living business model isn’t some “kooky” thing.

“Since 2008, rents have gone up by over 10% across the entire United States. Nominal wages have gone down 7%. So just that delta between wage growth and rent is going to accelerate,” he said during the conversation. "It’s a crisis point now. So I think you've tipped the scales where a lot of developers are saying, ‘Wait, I can't just bring on more luxury studios one- and two-bedroom apartments.'"