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NYC's Population Growth Is Slowing Down

New York

New York City's population grew at the slowest pace in the past decade according to the latest census, while several upstate counties actually lost population

The latest estimates from the US Census Bureau show NYC added 55,211 people to its population of 8.55 million in the year leading up to July 2015, a growth rate of 0.6%.

Upstate New York lost 16,596 people in the same period, a 0.24% decrease. Only six of 52 upstate counties added population, and all grew less than 1%, Crain's reports, drawing on an analysis done by Cornell University's Jan Vink

The only areas in the state that have grown since 2010 are Albany, the mid-Hudson Valley and Long Island, the analysis shows. 

"Domestic migration seems to be picking up again," Jan tells Crain's. "This is bad news for New York state and a lot of areas within New York state—more people moving out than moving in."

The Bronx grew at a clip of 0.9%, a statewide high, perhaps because of its enduring affordability. Saratoga was the fastest-growing upstate county, at 0.7%. [Crain's]